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Size matters

Simulating the mobility ecosystem at scale provides a deep understanding of how both people and goods really move through the system. Only by seeing this across the entire eco-system can true insight be gained and optimal decisions made. So yes, size matters but so does detail. Integrating diverse data sets that define our travel behaviours and the goods that we buy provides rich simulations, at levels that were previously impossible. By creating highly detailed, synthetic worlds we can not only gain a better understanding of how to improve today’s mobility, but also envision future worlds, rapidly testing the alternatives that will turn them into reality. We deliver insight across the transportation eco-system, from Transit Authorities and planners, mobility companies to fleet operators enabling our partners to plan, implement, and operate, cost effective and efficient mobility solutions.

Wrap Around

Enhances legacy assets to become more accessible, available and more valuable.


Easy to use, cloud hosted solutions require no specialist training

Multiple Access levels

From bespoke enterprise levels to lite access researcher packages


Reusability of approaches and sharing simple outcomes.

Next Gen Compute

Unlocking the potential of next gen compute


Greater insight and fewer boundary effects.


Whether you’re evaluating new mobility business cases such as MaaS or CAVs or wanting to increase efficiency and reduce costs for existing fleets or infrastructure, our applications are here to support your goals. From creating persistent national scale simulations to evaluating strategic mobility options quickly and cost effectively we’ll be here to help. Talk to us today and explore a new world of possibilities.

About Us

Founded in 2016 as a spin out from the Transport Systems Catapult, we’re an applied technology start-up driven by an award winning team to meet the challenges of the global transportation market. Solving today’s challenges is just the first step of our journey, our ImSim prediction engine is powering Intelligent Mobility, MaaS and the integration of Connected Autonomous Vehicles. We're enabling our partners to create tomorrow’s sustainable, efficient, customer centric transport solutions. Working together with our partners, the opportunities for enhanced mobility solutions are truly, Immense

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